Japanese Party

Everyone loves to go to parties and especially when there is Japanese food on the menu. When talking about Japanese parties then they are bit different from the western ones. The home party tends to small in size which has only closed friends and family. It is a matter of the fact that a party in Japan is held in the restaurants to ensure systematic organization.

When you are thinking for a Japanese style dinner party, then you must add their typical cuisine to make it traditional one.  You can read this article which will help you to provide a great idea to plan mind-blowing party.

Japanese Gyoza Party

You can add gyoza to your japanese dinner party menu. Gyoza can be described as fried dumplings which have some filling. This dish is originated from China. Now, it has found its way to the Japanese palate. You can easily see this dish in any of the Chinese-Japanese restaurants. You can easily find gyoza in any of the Japanese supermarkets. You have to fry it deep. The most fantastic thing about gyoza at home party is filling can be twisted easily according to your taste.

Takoyaki Party

Takoyaki is another Japanese themed party food which came from the street of Osaka. In the batter, there are some of the bits of octopus. This is loved food which will be surely there in Japanese food party. People cook this food at normally at home also as it is not that hard to prepare. You can surely make this dish according to your preference. If not added this food to your party then you must think of takoyaki.

Nabe Party

Nabe is hot pot dish which is considered important in their traditional food. It is mix of seafood as well as hearty vegetables. You can add any type of meat in nabe which will add good flavor to the dish.

Sukiyaki Party

It is basically a styled pot which has great amount of soya sauce. There is added beef in it which is simmered to have good taste. You can add this dish with nabe as it is good combination to serve in party.  This must be added to party food list. You can easily find it any of the restaurants; this dish is mainly made when there are any of the important occasions. If looking for the satisfying dish which will fill your tummy then go for this.

Shabu Shabu Party

This is another dish which you can consider in your party. These are all some of the traditional dishes which will make your party memorable ones. This is mix food which has both the meat and vegetables. You can easily eat this food with dipping food. It is very easy to cook and will take less time when cooking.

Final Verdict

These are some of the Japanese dishes which will add great touch to your party. You must try this food when hosting the party.

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