Google UK’s Q3 revenues in GBP

This is an update on a previous post, looking at Google’s UK revenues in GBP. Google breaks out its UK revenues due to SEC regulations, but in dollars. This makes it difficult to determine how successful they’ve been in the UK because of currency fluctuations. I make the conversions back to sterling, so here’s the latest based on yesterday’s Q3 results.

QuarterUSD (millions)GBP (millions)FX
Q1 075782960.5117
Q2 076003020.5037
Q3 076613270.4948
Q4 076923380.4891
Q1 088034060.5056
Q2 087743930.5071
Q3 087764100.5282
Q4 086854370.6373
Q1 097335100.6959
Q2 097154630.6474
Q3 097654660.6093

FX rates are taken from as usual.

Here’s the data in chart form:google-uk-revenue-gbp-q309

The quarter-over-quarter change:google-qoq-change-in-gbp-q309

And the year-over-year change:google-yoy-change-in-gbp-q309

Not a bad result at 14% up year-on-year. Looks positive for the economy, and pretty much what I expected after reading Efficient Frontier’s UK Q3 report.